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Electronica, Global Pop Thu. 26.10.2023
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.30




Sirens of Lesbos (CH) *live*

*Presale 15 €/ 18 €/ 20 € plus fee * Box Office 25 €*

Sirens Of Lesbos are a group of singers, lyricists, instrumentalists and creatives who are about to revive and modernize the Worldbeat genre with their eclectic and groove-led approach. They draw on diverse backgrounds and upbringings to create an irresistible melting pot of sound. Spanning borders, genres and eras, SOL have pinpointed a sound that is unlike any other. The quintet mixes elements of soul, funk, R&B, jazz, rock and hip-hop into an incredibly groovy global-pop blueprint that is guided by intuition and natural flair.

SOL are the producers Melvyn Buss and Arci Friede, the singers Jasmina and Nabyla Serag and the artistic director Denise Häberli. All born in Switzerland but with strong roots abroad (Sudan, Eritrea, England, Czech Republic...), they all live an extraordinary musical diversity. This can be heard on their debut album "Sol", which also includes collaborations by rapper J.I.D. and singer Theodor Black.

Right now, the five-strong Swiss collective are on the brink of sharing their socio-politically minded, cosmically-beautiful second album “Peace”. Their second LP sees them again on a collaborative path, tapping Flatbush Zombies’ Erick the Architect, Washington DC’s dreamcastmoe, poet-cum-singer Joshua Idehen and Treasure Bloom. Not to mention bonafide bass legend Bootsy Collins. Their new single "Sweet Harmony" has just been released. With UK soul, disco, slow pop and a little drum'n'bass, the track captures the unifying spirit of the dancefloor. The moments of ecstasy and effervescent dancefloor joy provide a unifying call to arms amid mass political upheaval. Sounds groovy. Don't miss!

Photo: Simon Habegger

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