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Electronica, Jazz, Avantgarde Thu. 10.10.2024
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.30




Conic Rose (JazzLab/D) *live*

*Presale 12 €/ 15 €/ 20 € plus fee * Box Office 25 €*

Trying to place Conic Rose’s music into a standard formula is almost impossible. Depending on your perspective, you could describe it as indie pop, jazz, ambient, electronica, or as a soundtrack evoking its own images. It is all of these things, and yet much more than just the sum of the listed styles. If you haven't heard their debut album 'Heller Tag' (2023), you're missing out and should definitely go and get it.

Trumpet player and bandleader Konstantin Döben describes this phenomenon as both a blessing and a curse. But that is pure understatement, because it is precisely the unmistakable sound of his husky trumpet that gives the album its special aura, floating on the tranquil soundscapes of electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass — and stoic drums, which bring together the influences of J.S. Bach, Krautrock, Thom Yorke or Bonobo into a sound aesthetic that generates associations with Jon Hassell, Nils-Petter Molvaer or Toshinori Kondo’s unforgettable band IMA. „Conic Rose” does not need a catchword, because the music describes itself.

Rounding out the band is Bertram Burkert on guitar, bass and synthesizers, Franziska Aller on bass, Johannes Arzberger on keyboard/piano and Silvan Strauss on drums.

As focused as the sound cascades of Conic Rose may be, many of them came about through improvisation: they were recorded, enriched with the other instruments, and finally produced. Nothing was prepared. The band surrendered to inner moods that they could only make audible by playing them. The process was a perfect mixture of intuitive calculation and calculated intuition. The magic formula for Döben and his crew is unhampered openness in all directions.

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Photo: Mitch Stoehring

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