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Funk, Jazz, Psychedelic Mon. 26.02.2024
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.30




The Heliocentrics (Madlib Invazion/UK) *live*
Lilah Amar b2b Sean Steinfeger (Opening DJ-Set/IL/D)

*Presale 15 €/ 20 €/ 25 € plus fee * Box Office 30 €*

Since the seven-piece band first appeared on DJ Shadow's 2006 album The Outsider, the Brits have released a series of far-reaching productions that weave together influences from funk, jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic, krautrock, electronica, post-punk, and Afrobeat.

Free from the constraints of conforming to any one musical style they create the music that they want to hear but didn’t exist by pooling together all of their many individual and shared influences, which still include -

Library music, Musique du monde, Hip Hop, Psychedelia, Post Punk, Electronica, Afro beat, Spiritual Jazz, Kraut rock, Contemporary Classical music/ Musique concrete, Dub, Broken beat, Drone rock, experimental music and late 60’s raw Funk 45s.

The Heliocentrics have applied this musical philosophy for well over a decade of playing together and fuelled by their diverse collaborations with pioneering young and old musicians and their continual search for new inspiration (Malcolm and Jake are obsessive crate diggers) they have managed to continually evolve, keeping things fresh for themselves as musicians and so far evading being pigeon holed into any genre.

The band have now racked up an impressive and eclectic catalogue of releases and have worked and recorded with an array of diverse musical luminaires such as DJ Shadow,Archie Shepp, Bilal, Marshal Allen (and members of the Arkestra) MF Doom, Mulatu Astake, Percee P, Orlando Julius, Melvin Van Peebles, Pharoah Monch and their most recent collaboration and release is with LA wild card The Gaslamp Killer.

The Heliocentrics continue their quest to create music that is unique to them, which they themselves want to hear and are constantly reinventing their sound as their tastes evolve and they unearth new influences.

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Picture: Emerged Agency

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