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Beatbox Do. 03.08.2023
Doors: 15.00
Show: 15.30



15:30 – Opening Ceremony
16:00 – Women’s Solo Elimination
17:40 – Men’s Solo Elimination
22:40 – Vocal Scratch Elimination

*Vorverkauf 69,90 € plus Gebühren (2 Tagesticket)/ 149,90 € plus Gebühren (Full Festival Pass) * Abendkasse tba.*

After a 5 year hiatus from the world championship festival, the opening ceremony will be an emotional kick off for all the attending artists, production crew and spectators from all over the globe. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has been overcome, everybody in the community will be hyped for the tournament start.  

We anticipate the participation of some of the world's top female human beatboxing artists, who will showcase their best performances and spread positive vibes on stage. The following tournament day will determine which women will qualify for the top 16 battle rounds. The spectators can expect pure fire in this elimination rounds.

Over 100 beatboxing champions from +45 different countries have directly qualified since September 2018 for this massive elimination round. The variety of vocal beats from the participating countries will be a new milestone in the festival's legacy and a historical moment for all present guests. The top 32 competitor will enter the battle rounds.

This category is a brand new addition to the world championship category roster. The 20 wildcard video winners will showcase their talent and rock the microphones with eye-catching performances. These talented musicians will demonstrate their ability to produce serious human turntable remixes and compete for a spot in the quarterfinals.

Text & Graphik:

We are excited to announce the launch of the Beat Box Expo, an international gathering designed for individuals and companies in the mouth music industry to exchange ideas and build relationships with partners from around the world. The event will take place over two days in the Gretchen Club and will cover various topics, including conference sessions, music performances and the elimination rounds of the world championship tournament for solo competitors. Our primary goal for the world beatbox summit is to create intercontinental networking structures and cooperation with like-minded organizers to promote cross-cultural projects in the future together.
The meet and greet area at the expo outdoor space will be an excellent meeting point to share knowledge with professionals and interested festival guests. We encourage every beatboxer to enter our public outdoor open mic stage to present their latest beats to the audience. The concept of the Beat Box Expo is to support cultural understanding and build a transparent infrastructure for all individuals who want to work together and promote vocal percussion elements around the world. Join us for this exciting event and be part of building the future of the mouth music movement.
We offer all international human beatboxer who want to prove their musical talent a slot in our convention program at the Gretchen Club. The innovated line up concept offers an exceptional platform for all partner countries worldwide, as their traveling artists can present themselves to the public. We want all nations involved to be able to present themselves musically and receive feedback from the party crowd. Join the vocal music convention and experience the unique sound of beatboxing while connecting with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

beatboxbattle 69,90 - 149,90 € Online-Ticket / print@home