sun*day entertainment presents: PERTURBATOR *LIVE* - The Uncanny Valley Tour 2017


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Perturbator (Blood Music/FR) *live*

Special Guests: Gost & Dan Terminus

Doors: 19h
Show: 20h

*Presale 18 € plus fee*

PERTURBATOR: Cyber punchy electro with a strong 80s feeling.
James Kent AKA Perturbator is the spearhead of the new synthwave revival (along with Danger, Lazerhawk, Kavinsky, Dan Terminus, ...). Recently Perturbator’s music makes an appearance in the hollywood movie "THE GUEST", in the TV Show "Limitless", and in the 2 awarded video games "HOTLINE MIAMI 1 & 2". His last album "Dangerous days" was released in August 2014 on Blood Music. His new album is on the way.

Also on Blood music records, GOST is a massive tornado of rockin beats and noisy synths. His last album, "Behemoth", is a molotov coktail throw on the electro scene. Violence, massive kick bass, and over saturated sub bass, somewhere between JUSTICE and DANGER. His next album will be released soon!

The third Blood Music’s artist, DAN TERMINUS is the most melodic’s one! His music is epic, with a lot of arpeggios. The song writing is brilliant, and all the arrangements are pushing his last album as one of the best released this year. After a sold out gig in Helsinki, and at the Trabendo in September 2015 with Carpenter Brut, DAN TERMINUS is ready now to play his killing synthwave everywhere! 

Tourveranstalter: Go Down Believing Management
Örtlicher Veranstalter: Sun*Day Entertainment


(Blood Music/FR) Elektro-Pop, Synthie Pop

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